Reveal.js is a great framework for creating presentations based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. There is only one thing that is a bit puzzling: the default key bindings do not work with remote pointers.

Remote pointers issue arrow-keys, however the default key bindings for moving back and forth in reveal.js slide decks are Shift-Space and Space. The arrow keys are used for navigating between slides independently from their logical sequence. As a consequence, in two-dimensional slide decks, using a remote will erroneously skip slides.

While there are several solutions to the problem discussed on the web, none of them solves the problem entirely. Either they remap the Up and Down or the Left and Right arrow-keys. A complete solution remaps all of them:

// Either Reveal.initialize({ ... or
    keyboard: {
        37: 'prev',
        38: 'prev',
        39: 'next',
        40: 'next'

One final thought: At first glance, remapping the arrow keys seems inconvenient because when in "overview-mode" (by pressing o) navigating through the slides using the arrow-keys is no longer possible. But since reveal.js is quite hack-ish and thought out, the vim key bindings h, j, k, and l supplement the arrow keys. Thus, in overview-mode you can use these keys to navigate left, down, up, and right.